having a a complete set of knitting notions all in one place (or in multiple locations if you're kooky like me) is important for any knitter or crocheter. You never know when you're going to have to cut your yarn, measure out your knitting or reach for a crochet hook to fix a dropped stitch. Sure, you can go out and buy all the little notions and put them in a small bag, but it's much easier to buy an all in one notions set. 


theknitkitpurpleThe Knit Kit

This all in one kit is perfect for the travelling knitter. It is TSA compliant and can go with you on planes to enable that important airplane knitting that you love to do. The Knit Kit contains a measuring tape, a yarn cutter, scissors, stitch counter, knitting needle tip holders  and even stitch markers and a needle gauge. Great to take on trips or keep in the car to have with you whenever you need it. 





seawhispercrochet2The Seawhisper Crochet Hook and Notions Set

This is the perfect set for the beginner or longtime crocheter. Everything a crocheter would need comes in a little plastic box for easy carrying in your yarn bag -even a complete set of crochet hooks. 




cloverknitmate1The Clover Knit Mate Notions Set

This set doesn't include all of the crochet hooks that the Seawhisper set does, but it does include some of the best that Clover has to offer in knitting notions including their stitch counter, a measuring tape, stitch holders, knitting needle tip protectors, a needle gauge, and stitch markers. This is the set meant for beginners who may not want to make a huge investment in knitting supplies. 









ostartknittingnotionsbox2The Ostart Boxed Knitting Notions Set

Another small set of notions, one that's a little different from the others. Aluminum stitch holders, snips instead of scissors and both regular and lockable stitch markers all in a see through box to make it easy for finding exactly what you need, when you need it. 







lovecrochethooksetThe Love Fancy Crochet Hook and Notions Set

Notions aren't just for knitters and if you're a die-hard crochet fiend you'll enjoy this beautiful crochet hook and notions set from Love. The set comes in a durable and brightly colored bag, which will hopefully keep it from disappearing like notions have the tendency to do. It's a great set for knitters too since crochet hooks often save the day when you've dropped a stitch. 



ostartknittingweavingnotionsset2The Estone Everything Knitting and Weaving Notions Kit

If you're a knitter and a weaver then this is the set for you. This might be just the kit to keep with your loom so that you're not scrambling around your knitting supplies looking for your notions kit. This is the lowest cost set of the bunch and the best value for money.

Remember knitters and crocheters can never need too many notions kits. It might just do you some good to buy an extra set or two to hide in case you find yourself in need of one. You can be the knitting superhero to save the day the next time the knitter you care about needs a stitch holder or cable needle.

What are your favorite knitting notion sets? Let us know in the comments!

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