Happy Sunday. I just caught the new Twist Collective for Fall 2010 and it's delicious. A warm bath of fall knits. Here are some higlights from the whole issue:

I was immediately interested in the "Shop Talk" article. Good tips for the individual who wishes to open a yarn shop.

The Acorns cardigan was lovely. Gah! Then I turn the page and there's Sandridge, which I would love to knit for DH. I want to knit the Kinsol Trestle for my dad. Coventry is a little too much for me and that mint color that they show it in is kinda yucky, for me anyway. Once again, Kate Gilbert creates something that I absolutely have to knit. Peregrine might just work with my post-pregnancy frame.

Wow, there's a lot to this issue, a lot of there, there. Stay tuned from reactions across the blogosphere.

My official review: "so beautiful, I wish I had it in printed form".

Have you written a post about the new Twist Collective? Share it here in the comments.

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