new-KF-mastheadDon't you hate it when you see a pattern somewhere and when you eventually decide that you want to knit it, you can't remember what magazine issue or book it's in? Now you have some assistance. Knitfinder is doing the painstaking work of indexing all of the knitting patterns for various knitting pattern publishers. Librarians will go weak in the knees when they visit the system. Patterns are listed by designer, title, category, style, suited wearer, yarn, gauge and publication in which it appeared. Definitely something to bookmark and reference.

So far, she has indexed Interweave Knits, The Zimmerman Patterns, Knitty, and Starmore. Rowan is soon to come.

The site is free to use, however there is a subscription version which allows you to access design notes, Ravelry links. more specific tags, and gauge. The subscription is affordable at $14.95/year. Definitely a great resource for the professional knitter.

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