I've been knitting for more than a decade and I've knit a TON of finished objects over the years and wanted a singular space here to show them off. Sure, I could post my Ravelry page, but I don't post everything I ever make on Ravelry. 

The sad thing is that some knitted items do not last forever. I've outworn many a knitting project. The Icarus shawl was worn into oblivion and moths got to my first wrap cardigan. Luckily I'm willing to let go so that I can knit another day. Some things are better left behind. 

I've knit a lot of stuff over the years so it's going to take a while to get everything on this page so stay tuned we add more old favorite knitting projects. Slide show coming soon too :D


Lion Brand Learn to Knit Scarf

One day in a fit of desperatin during some difficult times I went out and bought myself a Lion Brand Learn to Knit Kit and what do you know, the darned thing worked. 


The Felted Flower Basket Bag

Back in the days of the old Blogger Blog I knitted the Vogue Knitting Flower Basket Bag by Nicky Epstein. 



 Icarus Shawl

icarus shawl



wearing the clapotisClapotis

I have knit four Clapotis over my tenure as a knitter. It's still one of my favorite all time knitting projects. I knit two in periwinkle Crystal Palace Creme, two in Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb (the one I wear is in the Vera colorway). The Clapotis is a great project to learn how to knit with dropped stitches and knitting on the bias.   


Cotton Vneck

Year of Projects Labor Day Edition

Finished vneck pullover sweater



redstripedsocksAll of the Socks

Blue Striped Socks

Starting the Zwettl Socks

Another Pair of Socks from Zwettl

Zwettl Socks in Progess

Zwettl Socks in Progress 1.5

Finished Zwettl Socks #2

Red Striped Socks for Husbeast #1

Red Striped Socks for Husbeast

Shakespeare Cardigan


Chevron Baby Blanket

Starting Early




Dahlia Cardigan


dahlia cardigan centerpiece


Red Fern Cardigan

Almost Finished

The Itch to Knit 

progress on the red fern cardigan, finishing the neck


Textured Shawl

Easter Year of Projects

Yarn Along Sept 10

Year of Projects September 14

 textured shawl


Sockhead Hats

Green Sockhead Hat

Enchantment of the Sockhead Hat


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