A few months ago when my family was in the middle of the big move to Oma's a kind soul sent me some yarn to try. It wasn't just any yarn. It. Was. Cashmere. Not just any cashmere, but a cashmere blend. I'm not talking wool.  I'm not talking cotton. Not talking silk.

Check out this ball of yarn. It's a beautifully fuzzy black and white marle. What could it be?


It's the kind of fuzzy that you hold closely to your face, you know when life is giving you trouble and the only thing that makes it feel any better is the potential held within a ball of... cashmere. 

As I mentioned this ain't any ball of cashmere. There's a special extra somethin' somethin' that makes this yarn extra fuzzy. I mean can't you already see the halo of goodness above? How can cashmere, a fiber that's already so soft be made even softer? Lemme give you another hint:


It's Zealana Air Marle and It's freaking possum. Possum, an animal that I once heard screeching outside a window in Melbourne, Australia in the middle of the night, a creature that once limped across the road in front of my car after a fight with a rather large housecat. I had no idea that such a fierce being could have such deliciously soft fur. So soft and light that I carried it in my handbag for weeks waiting for the time and the project that would be worthy of its glory. A reminder that good times lay just ahead...

Well that time has indeed arrived. We are settled into the house. Husband has been employed for two months. Youngest son is almost completely potty trained and I am seeing a future where I have two mornings a week to write. Can you feel the giddy goodness?

Here's what I have planned for this single skein of cashmere-possum blend from Zealana Yarns, Air Marle to be exact:


This, my friends is a hat from the first book of One Skein Wonder projects, the Yorkshire Tweed Beret by Kathryn Connelly. I think I might have just enough yarn in this one ball to make this whole hat and seeing that I once knit the Pepperberry Knits hat with a single ball of cashmere it does seem possible. 

I've already done the crocheted provisional cast-on (I questioned it, but decided that the designer probably knows what she's doing), albeit on the wrong needle. I need a 16" size 7. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. If only I had some superhero knitting eyes that allowed me to see the location of every knitting notion I owned. 

So yeah, my favorite kind of knitting: the cashmere-possum kind.

What's your favorite kind of knitting? Say something in the comments.

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