OK, just a quick little hello (a mini update, or what I like to call a "mupdate" before I head to my Thursday morning knitting group:

1) Saw a car with the license plate WWCTHLUD?

2) Somebody decorated the stop signs at my four way stop with beautiful holiday ribbon.

3) I ate Maple Bacon chips.

4) I am drinking coffee with eggnog.

5) We're still waiting for official papers signed news.

6) I'm trying not to be a humbug.

7) The boys got to spend time with Great Grandma yesterday and it was grand indeed.

8) Did I mention we're still waiting?

9) I watched Miss Fisher's Mysteries for the first time on Netflix. I think I've found my new Downton Abbey.

10) I might be ready for a Christmas Tree.

11) Tell your friends. I'm going to be having giveaways soon. Hope you like knitting bags and wool wash.


What's your mini update like? Give me the top ten things you're up to in the comments.

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