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Earlier this week we had the top ten gifts for mothers who knit. Today we expand the list to include some of our past knitting gift recommendations.

1) A Comfy Knitting Chair
As much as we wish that knitting could be a full contact hobby that also helps us to lose weight, it's more of a sedentary activity and you need a comfy place to sit. Providing a quiet, well lit place to knit is a wonderful gift. Especially if it provides protection against yarn eating moths with space for tons of plastic containers proper yarn storage.

2) Garnet Hill's Baa Sheets (it's never too early to get ready for Christmas)
All you need do is see these sheets and you'll see why knitters love them. Nothing says I love the knitter in my life than the willingness to put these whimsical sheets on the bed.

3) Here are some of the best knitting books for beginners, which I recently updated.
If your knitter is new to the activity, he or she should know that you can never have too many knitting books. They are more than a resource for knitting patterns and techniques, they are tomes of inspiration full of yarn and knitting porn that have the unique ability to draw us away from the stressors in our lives and make us feel like maybe we are on a knitting vacation, even if we're just reading a knitting book in the bath.

4) Check out these Etsy shops for knitters.
Lots of them carry unique yarn and tools that the knitter you love may not know about.

5) The Principals of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiatt.
It's the go to book, the textbook of knitting and it only just got rereleased. It's what taught Bina how to knit.

Whatever you do, don't forget the mom who knits in your life this Mother's Day

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