So yesterday I was tooling around in the office and I was writing in my little notebook. I was making lists of things I had to do at work and out of nowhere I started making a KnitLuck list. A list of things I would do with KnitLuck if I had full reign over my time. Redoing the site architecture, creating a schedule of posts I wanted to create, establishing a new design. I looked at the list and sighed to myself because with a full time job and a 7-month-old how would I have the time to do this website the way I wanted to do it? To make it the most timely news site for knitters to help them find new knitbloggers to read, discover new patterns, get reviews on the latest knitting publications -all in one spot?

A funny thing happens when you ask the world a question. Sometimes it actually responds.

Later in the afternoon. I got laid off. My bosses were very sympathetic and have given me a bunch of time before my last day to get my stuff together. And when they said something about figuring out your next steps, I blurted out. "I'm doing KnitLuck".

So, here I am doing KnitLuck.

But first, I want to apologize. When I first started KnitLuck, I was speeding out of the gate, tackling every small news item, linking to all sorts of amazing stuff, creating awesome projects and events. Even creating a great platform for handcrafters to advertise their goods for a minimal price. Then between the demands of my real job and getting pregnant, I simply did not have the energy to continue and I feel like I've let some of you down. It felt like a big failure. But I think I heard somewhere that you're only a failure if when you fall you don't get back up.

So I'm up. Stay tuned for clearer site architecture, a site redesign and highly frequent blog posts on everything that you love about knitting.

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