TheLadyEdithI can't believe I missed this one in my search for Downton Abbey knitting patterns! Knit Purl Gurl published the Lady Edith Shawl earlier this month. It's another Downton Abbey inspired pattern. I love KPG's analysis of Lady Edith of how she's the overlooked daughter. If you're looking for a beginner shawl, this might be the right one for you. The main body is rather simple, but with an interesting edging. The edging itself might be a little complicated for a beginner, but KPG's clear instructions and charts will take you far.

From Knit Purl Gurl:


The shawl is knit from side to side. It can be knit out of any weight or any amount of yarn. Using a scale will help one determine the total weight of the yarn prior to beginning the shawl. You begin knitting at one point and increase until half of the yarn is used up. Once approx. half of the yarn is used, you decrease. This is a wonderfully simple shawl with very little lace work.
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