There has been a rare case of knitting monogamy around here. I've been determined to finish another mitered cross block and finish it I did this morning. Six more blocks and I'll be ready to make this thing a blanket. Now I'm a little sick of knitting blocks and will be going back to the sock so there goes the knitting project monogamy out the window.

But here's the newest block.


I know, so exciting, same as the other ones. Actually I managed to knit this one on the correct side this time. Looking through some of the other blocks I accidently knit one or two on the wrong side. Derp. I'm not redoing those blocks. I don't mind imperfections.

At the rate I'm knitting this blanket may be finished in time for fall. I know I'll get the knitting part done this Spring, but weaving in all those ends is going to take me all summer. Don't even get me started about the seaming. Not that I'm complaining.

One of my favorite parts of this blanket is that my first born seems rather interested in it and it's the first time my son has shown much interest in my knitting. He gathers up all of the blocks I've already knitted and says "soft" and "blanket". I think he might actually be impressed. Or so I hope.

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