Big news in the Bay Area Knitters Group on Ravelry, it seems a new knitting magazine is on it's way. With Knitty and Vogue knitting releasing additional issues of their publications, it seems that knitters have an insatiable need for knitting content. Future Publishing's Knitting Today will be coming out later this year. Future Publishing has already released Crochet Today.

This was all revealed by Marina on Ravelry (username Quiltnut) yesterday, who will be the editor of Knitting Today. Here's what she has to say about getting the coveted position:

Knitting Today is produced for C&C, which owns Red Heart, so the patterns and yarns will be more for beginners through intermediate knitters. Crochet Today has a really nice, bright feeling to it, so I am sure the new knitting magazine will have the same design. I like to make simple patterns sometimes, as long as they are cute and well-written (the writing part will be my job! EEK! :-)



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