knitpickslearntoknitkitdishclothHere at Knit Luck, we believe that learning to knit can change your life. It can teach you patience, improve your self esteem, encourage you to connect with yourself and bring new friends into your life.

How do you start learning to knit? There are many different websites and programs dedicated to teaching people how to knit that it can be hard to figure out what to try first.

Think about your own learning style. Did you like going to school? Do you enjoy learning with other people? Then a class at your local yarn shop might be best for you. Not such a big fan of teachers or classes? There are a ton of online resources that can get you knitting in no time. Want to get started right now?

What do you need to teach yourself to knit?


Or one of these learn to knit kits:

Carri Hammett's Learn to Knit Kit

Learn to Knit in an Hour Kit

> Klutz Learn to Knit Kit

> A Little Knitty Knit Kit


Just remember that learning to knit isn't just any other hobby, it has the potential to help you overcome depression and actually change your life.

You can read all about my journey learning how to knit here, and follow Tamara Kay's encounter with knitting here. It will give you an idea of what you're getting into :)


What techniques do you need to learn first when knitting:

  1. Casting on
  2. The knit stitch
  3. Adding another skein to your knitting
  4. Binding off
  5. Weaving in the ends

There are many ways to find out how to cast on, knit, add on yarn, bind off your yarn and weave in your ends. Youtube is your friend. Simply look up any of those techniques and there are a ton of knitters who have already posted videos to help you. Also it helps you to pick up a knitting book. You can check out all of our best books for beginner knitters here. Long story short, Knitting Without Tears, The Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook and Stitch and Bitch Nation will get you well on your way to becoming a knitting superstar.

Take a knitting class at your local yarn shop (LYS)

Use knitmap to find your local yarn shop. Once you find your LYS, give them a call and find out their class schedule or whether their offer individual instruction. You may find yourself connecting with a great community of knitters. Many LYS's have free knitting groups where you can knit in the presence of those who know more about knitting.

Use online knitting videos to show you the ropes

There are a ton of online knitting videos. Each teacher has a different style and way of presenting. Find a teacher you like and watch all of their videos.

Learn to Knit with Craftsy
Craftsy enlists established knitting pattern designers and teachers to teach you how to knit fancy socks, scarves and shawls.

Get the Basics with
Is It Easy to Knit provides bare bones explanations of the simplest knitting concepts from the tools you need to the knitting community at large. The site offers as much information as it takes to make learning to knit a comfortable and fun experience.

The KnitLuck collection of online knitting videos
We have selected some of the best videos on the web for each technique, with more on the way.
No doubt about it, if you want straight-out simple tutorials from casting on to binding off is the place to get it. Not only do they have excellent videos online, but they have a great forum where you can enlist other knitting pros to help you figure out your knitting woes.

KNITFreedom is a series of free online tutorials (plus some premium classes). Sign up for their newsletter and get their free learn to knit ebook.

Youtube search for "Knitting Tutorial"
See a bunch of videos from a variety of sources, just in case you can't get cabling right the first, or fiftieth time.

Stitch Diva
Tips and lessons from the doyenne of intricate, well-shaped knitting patterns.

Knitting Pattern Central
Old-school illustrations from an excellent free knitting pattern resource.

Vogue Knitting's Stitch Library
VK has been kind enough to offer a gallery of stitches used in their most recent issues, as well as in depth photographs of their applications to specific patterns. A nice option if you don't have a stitch treasury at hand.

Knitting Daily's Tutorial Collection
Illustrated with photos and in a conversational tone, Knitting Daily's tutorials feel like you're learning from a real human being, without having to pause or rewind to get the technique right. It helps that they're brought to you by the same folks who bring you Interweave Knits.

Know of any other great knitting tutorials? Let us know!

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