surccipigsOur pig animal friends have gotten the short end of the stick with this whole Swine Flu epidemic. Fortunately, the CDC have renamed it H1N1 2009 Flu. Don't get me wrong, this is some scary stuff and I'm pleased that we've got enough awareness that hopefully the disease won't spread so widely. However, this made me think that maybe we should let knitting take our worries away and see what's out there in the way of pig-oriented knitting projects.

Because if you think about it, staying home and knitting is a good way to avoid the flu.

Squiggles the Pig Washcloth

The KnittingHelp Forum Knitted Pig Discussion

Etsy Seller Surci Gasparro has a boy and girl knitting pig pattern. (photo at left)

Also, there's a peace pig pattern for a washcloth by Knit A Little More.

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