I knew there was a reason I haven't bought yarn in years.

You might notice something here. This is not a vneck pullover or a plain vanilla pair of pink socks:


This is a hat, knitted in Noro Taiyo sock which my MIL brought me back from Austria of all places. This yarn has been around the world and now I'm knitting it in the round to make a snappy hat. Those slow color changes. Oh how they make a knitter stray from their projects...

This hat is calming my nerves. The renters coalition has some craziness at city council this week, including some beat downs from police outside city council chambers. Expect to see more class clashes as long as this housing crisis continues and folks try to disenfranchise renters. I hear word that a whole building of renters have been evicted to make room for massive renovations. The oppressive housing market here. It devastates families. Oh how I wish I could move. One of these days. One of these years. Wish I could be ignorant enough to just forget it all, but when it happens to you, you know better than anybody else how horrible it is, how stressful. It hurts to know that happening to many other families. 

The good news is that Alameda is building new housing, but the need is so great that it's still oppressively difficult to get secure housing, and who knows what the market is going to be like once all that housing finally comes online. Hold on tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

In other I have a big fundraising event to plan early next year and a ton of auction items to procure. That's overwhelming too, but I'm getting ready. This knitting project is helping with the anxiety around that. 

What kind of knitting derails you from your current knitting projects?

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