It's Spring Break. It did not occur to me in my youth that my ideal Spring Break would be to stay inside knitting all day.


But there it is. 

It's not just spring break for my kids, but it's spring break from me having to drive them all over town, so heck yeah I spent Monday in my pj's knitting and binge watching Wolf Hall. 

Staycation bonus? A Finished Object.


Yes it's finished, even with little strings hanging around. The recycled sari ribbon is imperfect and so this pillow is meant to also be imperfect. I can't tolerate an environment without any rough edges. 

My Darn Good Yarn recycled sari ribbon arrived in record time. I wasn't even expecting to receive it until this week so I was surprised to find it in my mailbox from Saturday's delivery. 


I bought the last skein of this yarn at least three years ago so I didn't think that the yarn would match very well, but it did.


I'll do a separate post about how you can make yourself a ribbon pillow, but you can see that I finished it off by binding off through picked up stitches on the opposite side of the pillow, leaving this cool knitted edge. 

Oh wait? Is that a new knitting project? Yep. More on that another time.

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