Kind of like Leaning In, but Knitting In. 

You would think with the school year started that I might have more knitting time on my hands and you would be wrong. I'm in charge of fundraising at my kid's preschool this year and I'm doing things I hate doing: planning events. Event planning gives me serious anxiety. Fundraising event planning even more. Not only do I have to make our event fun and well organized (me, well organized, uh....) but we also have to raise money. That's a lot of pressure. Sure, I'm hanging on and doing the best I can, but behind the scenes I'm worrying, hoping that I haven't forgotten something important. Then there's all the regular home stuff that needs to be managed like bills, grocery shopping, lunch making and I'm frequently scratching my head making sure that I have it all under control. Worry Worry Worry. Knit Knit Knit. 

If I didn't have any knitting I think I would be going insane so part and parcel of all this busy-ness has to come some knitting time. Some ladies Lean In. I'm Knitting In. When the worry gets to be a little too much... I'm picking up the needles. The car needs four new tires before the El Nino rainy season? Knit Knit Knit. I still have to get my car fixed to the tune of $400? Knit Knit Knit. 

Soooo that means that the V-neck Cardigan is actually moving right along:


I've gotten about halfway up before I start having to shape the armholes. I'm knitting with Rowan wool cotton and it's becoming a new favorite yarn. It's a nice knit, soft and dry on the fingers and passes easily over my knitting needles. Hopefully the finished product will wear well.

I'm also knitting socks


This is my first time knitting with this Kitchen Sink yarn and with metal sock needles. I think the combination is making my knitting tension even tighter, which is making the sock knitting slower. :/ Also I'm feeling tighter in my wrists so it's a little uncomfortable. I wonder if the quality of bamboo absorbs pressure better than metal. Maybe I'll knit the second sock with bamboo and find out. Never underestimate the ability of your tools to improve or ruin your knitting experience. I will say that I do enjoy the sound of the metal needles clicking as I knit. 

How's your school year going?

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