One of the best things you can do for your young children is teach them how to knit. Knitting teaches hand-eye coordination and gives children an understanding of texture and color. Plus, knitting offers the opportunity to teach about different types of fibers, from wool to alpaca to cotton and linen. Knitting is such a wonderful teaching tool that the Waldorf schools use it as an educational cornerstone. Knitting is also a great way to spark self confidence within a child. When you teach them the steps of knitting they can see that they can learn anything -even the things that seem a bit complicated with a little focus and determination.

There are some excellent knitting books designed especially for children.

kidsknittingmelaniefalickKids Knitting by Melanie Falnick

This is the children's knitting bible and one of the first books I would recommend. It's been around for more than a decade so you can trust that any mistakes have been removed in the later editions. There are many colorful projects to inspire your intrepid new knitter and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Once your child has gotten the trick of knitting introduce them to Melanie Falnick's other great book Weekend Knitting. The projects in there would appeal to people of all ages -including a knitted checkers kit.

kidsknitsimplestepsbookKids Knit: Simple Steps to Nifty Projects by Sarah Bradberry

This is an extension of what kids learn in Kids Knitting. If for some reason the instructions in Kids Knitting don't work for you or your child, this book offers a great alternative. In this book children can knit their own scarves, pillows and blankets.


firstbookofknittingforchildrenA First Book of Knitting for Children by Bonnie Gosse

This is the most stripped down version of knitting. Bonnie Gosse keeps it as simple as possible, allowing children to focus on the steps of knitting rather than getting caught up in possible projects.


myfirstknittingbookMy First Knitting Book - Knitting for Kids by Alison McNichol

This is the newest kids knitting book on the market, published last year in 2012. It's very picture heavy with lots of descriptions. It seems appropriate for kids ages 7 and up. Learn how to make pompoms and even a little hat for a small dog. This book seems like the most fun.


I would start with the simplest book - A First Book of Knitting just to get kids to learn the knitting fundamentals, then I would bust out with Kids Knitting
or Kids Knit to expand on their knitting skills.

What are your favorite knitting books for kids? Let us know in the comments!

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