Just in time for fall knitting -some new and unusual inspiration.

Thanks to ConnieKnits on Twitter, I read about this gem of the knitted art installation Knit Veins - The Fiber of Our Being by Ben Cuevas. Knitters occasionally get to the point where their knitting gets under their skin, but I'm willing to bet that many more feel that knitted yarn itself runs through their veins. Knitters are that passionate.

Those veins you see on that gallery wall in the distance? They are knitted icord in scarlet and blue, the same colors of your blood as it courses through your body.

Stark. Striking. Elegant. I hope I get the chance to see it in person. You can too if you're in proximity of Salem, NY at Salem Artworks. Go to the website to see the knitted veins up close.

A quote from the artist, Ben Cuevas:

I wanted to call attention to the idea of some sort of meta-body: one that speaks to “the nature of matter, or body considered in general, [and] consists not in its being something which is hard or heavy or coloured…but simply in its being something which is extended in length, breadth and depth,” as Rene Descartes puts it [emphasis added]. The knit veins, installed in this way, speak to the idea of a body transcending the individual, extending beyond our own identities, corporealities, ourselves.

Visit Ben Cuevas's Blog.

Be sure to also check out the knitted heart he did. Take some time around his site -there are knitted gems galore that raise the level of our art/craft/hobby/obsession/thing.

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