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This week, we're featuring Spun Sugar Knits! Spun Sugar Knits has adorable knitted accessories, from buttoned scarflets, to knitted cuffs, pins and even jewelry. It's the perfect gift for someone where you just don't have the time to knit it. I could see Spun Sugar Knits accessorizing a cute vintage dress or adding that little something to a cardigan. 

Anyhoo here are some of the highlights from the last week at KnitLuck
Personally, my favorite post of the week was Comic Books For Knitters (next to Rebecca Danger). I'm telling you, if you're sick of reading craft books and you can't be bothered to sit through a novel. Get yourself some comic books and graphic novels. Right now we're in another golden age of the genre. It's like having narrative art museums in your book case.
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