legostitchmarkersHere are some Monday knitting links to help you forget that the weekend is over :(

Nelkin Designs has a nifty kitchener stitch tutorial. When I finally figured out kitchener it blew my mind. Thanks to mom for the tutorial :D Sock knitting is so much easier now.

Craftypod needs your help figuring out which colors to use for her next afghan.

KNITfreedom has a lovely article about how to fix your knitting mistakes gracefully, which I enjoyed, considering how frustrated I got frogging half a hat yesterday.

Kusala Knitworks has some lego stitch markers for sale in her Etsy shop (see photo above).

I read on freshstitches about Knit New Haven and visited their website and man, I totally want to go to their knit night even tho I've 3000 miles away. I have family around there and might make a point of checking it out the next time I'm on the east coast.

A Verb For Keeping Warm has a lovely interview with Romi, a shawl designer, who says that exercise is her favorite tool for assisting in her designs.

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