It knittycatscarfwas a tough day today. The baby woke up many times last night, hopefully it's just a large growth spurt and not an illness. (fingers crossed) He was fussy today and clung close to my side nearly all day. I can tell things aren't normal because his cries are a little more high pitched, his irritability apparent. I'm exhausted now, hoping that he does sleep through the night tonight. If he doesn't, we're visiting the doctor in the morning.

Here are some knitting links to distract you from what ails you. It seems everyone I know is struggling with something, more so than usual.

Knitty-Cat has a finished object - the Lace Ribbon Scarf. I envy Shall We Knit, as the scarf is destined to go there as a store sample.

Juniper Tree Yarn mentioned the three needle bind off (one of my favorites) and she has me thinking about knitting the mary jane slippers.

Born Knitty finishes her first proper lace shawl and regales us with a scene of a British fleece festival.

Amy Herzog has just finished her 10-part "Fit to Flatter" series on how to make any knitting pattern fit you well. You can either read her entire series on her blog, or purchase all 10 entries to download for $10.

The Crafty Fox wants to start a yarn graffiti group in Dallas this fall. Can't wait to see photos of that :) She has photos of previous yarn bombing efforts. Sweet!

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