Uh, this was supposed to post on Friday, but due to human error, it's not posted until now. (hand to forehead and shake)

I'm so glad it's Friday. Good Friday for some of you.

Here's some links to make it great :)

Rose-Kim informed me that Vogue Knitting made some spelling errors. Can you point them out?

Gourmet Yarn Company had a knit-in and has some fabulous photos. Lots of great finished projects. It gives me warm fuzzies looking at it. I've seriously got to get myself back into an LYS. It's been too long.

Wendy Knits has a poll and a link to the CBS knitting for health video.

and Rebecca Danger has a pretty awesome knitting list! I need to dig mine out.

oh and Nutmeg Knitter is working on a two color lace sock and it's purdy!

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