Pea Vines Shawlette Photo from KnitSpot, pattern available for sale at
You knitters are doing some crazy stuff:

Mostly Knitting dropped two stitches many rows to insert a forgotten buttonhole. That's some fearless knitting right there.

Knitspot has some lovely lace shawl patterns. The Les Abeilles is pretty enough to make me cry. The photo to the left is of the upcoming Pea Vines Shawlette.

Mirror Mirror has summer knits in action. Being in San Francisco I just don't know what summer really is anymore.

My Bit of Earth has a finished baby vest.

and Knitters, knitting in bumpy cars. I mean, I've heard of people knitting while driving, but this is ridiculous.

RosieBlogs has a nice round up of the new Rowan Magazine Number 48. Oh, how I want an excuse to buy another Rowan magazine, but I still have yet to knit something out of one, which needs to be remedied soon.

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