For the first time in years our family took a vacation. Nothing fancy, just a trip to Dallas, TX to visit my grandma and for my kids to spend some quality time with their great grandma. I had a wonderful time, hanging out in the city I used to visit every summer, even if it was hotter than blazes. 

It was two weeks with my husband and kids, connecting with my grandma and exploring just how awesome Dallas has become since I was a kid. I marvelled at the low housing prices. I could live in a nice neighborhood with good schools in a remodeled brick house with a pool. My favorite kind of houses too, contemporaries from the 1970's and 1980's. Drool drool drool. 

We needed a change of scenary. For months I've been stuck on a feedback loop of anger, driving around our unaffordable neighborhoods. I should have taken a vacation months ago. It would have done a lot for my sanity.

For one there was visiting grandma, who is very healthy and active and able to enjoy watching my kids. We got to visit the Ft Worth Zoo, The Perot Museum and The Dallas Arboretum. All are excellent examples of new architecture and display design. I loved the interplay of environments with plants and brick. The exhibits were fun too. The boys enjoyed wandering around with their mom and dad. Oldest son loved the local splashgrounds while youngest son still preferred to stay dry and in the shade. 

Vacation, yada yada yada... onto the knitting.

I finally had some time to finish a pair of socks. I had accidentally left the first finished one at home so I was only guessing whether the toe on the second one would match. 


It's not perfect, but who cares? They'll keep my feet warm. :)

The sock was finished by the time our family headed off to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I know. Arkansas. People don't really think of it as a vacation destination, but I quite like it. Hot Springs was America's first resort town and it does have some excellent bath houses, which I got to enjoy. I had a bath, massage and facial at the Quapaw Baths, which I remember as a kid being closed, which I thought to be a real shame. So glad that somebody refurbished it. It's truly a gem. If you like reasonably priced spas, lakes and minerals. Hot Springs is for you. The Midwest Science Museum is worth the trip as well, one of the best places to teach kids about the physical sciences. You can go quartz mining and diamond mining 90 minutes away. The whole family enjoyed the trip. It as a fun place to take it easy and get away from our regularly scheduled lives. 


I got so relaxed that I found the brainspace to get back into my big cardigan project, the Redfern Cardigan. I had left off on a second sleeve and it can take quite a bit of concentration to get back into a knitting project. You have to figure out where you left off in the pattern, how to do the stitches again, but I was able to do it, no problem and finally even memorzied the stitch pattern so I didn't have to keep looking back to the chart. Took long enough. Worth it though. I'm almost done with the second sleeve. Then it's onto weaving in ends, doing the neck, button bands and pockets. 

My kind of fun. 

How's your summer going? What are you knitting?

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