Hooray! Another awesome hand-dyed yarn AND it's made by someone I really like!

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that one of my all time favorite knitbloggers, Knitabulous had gone ahead and started her own hand-dyed yarn business. I haven't been able to find her in a blogging capacity, but from the photos the yarn looks pretty sweet. Check out the socks that Random Knits made with her yarn this week! Drool, drool, drool.

Here's a sampling of photos. I am sorely tempted to break the rules and make a purchase. She's in Australia and it will cost money to ship, but Knitabulous knitted the most fabulous lace shawls. Stuff that I could only dream of knitting. Here's her supertwist merino in Fondant, Wintersea and Amethyst.


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