I would like to introduce a little something new. We all watch awesome shows while we knit. For sure there are already a ton of knitters watching Downton Abbey, Doctor Who and America's Next Top Model. Why don't we all use these experiences to share what we're knitting and what we're watching? You might discover a new show or appreciate old favorites and find new knitting blogs to read!

For sure I've been inspired by Ginny at Small Things and Tami's Amis, but both of those blog alongs happen on Wednesdays, which is great for a hump day, but not so much happens on Fridays and sometimes I need a little extra inspiration to blog on Fridays. I thought maybe some of you do too.

So allow me to introduce.... Knit Watcher! It's a Friday Blog Carnival where every week we share what we're knitting and what we're watching. I liked this idea so much that I made a button type thing:


If you want to grab this button to add to your blog post, just right click and save it to your computer. I'm in the process of making little mini buttons as well.

How do you participate in Knit Watcher?

1) Write a blog post where you share what you're knitting and watching.

2) Click the Link Button below and add your blog link and your blog name and you will be listed here for other knit bloggers to visit!

3) Comment here on the blog and let me know that you've joined in!

4) Tell your friends to join too!

As for me, I've been watching this Ramsey Behind Bars, where Gordon Ramsey goes to a medium security prison in Brixton and tries to start a business where prisoners cook and bake food and sell it to the outside. This teaches them new job skills and builds self esteem. I love this show because it really shows you how tough it is in jail, how mentally ill many of the prisoners are and how there is no easy solution to help people in jail, especially when they don't really want the help.

I'm going to start knitting the Mudra Cuff. I've been wanting to start it for ages, but haven't gotten around to it, but that changes today!!! Hopefully next week I'll have some progress to share with you. Be sure to join along!


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