We have a new philosophy, a new raison d'etre at Knit Luck. I've found that simply being a knitting news site is too general and doesn't fully represent the spirit in which we're blogging.

So what is Knit Luck? Knit Luck is better living through knitting, a tagline which you will see soon alongside the logo. It's the sprit that you bring with you as a knitter. It's the idea that being a knitter makes you a happier person, more attuned to yourself, your friends and family and the world around you. It celebrates those things that make knitting great and those people who strengthen our craft and take it to new places. It encourages those people who want to become knitters with access to tutorials and tips on how to join the knitting community.

Knit Luck believes that knitting can change your life. It changed mine and it can change yours. Knit Luck is about showing you how.

To give you all a better idea about how knitting can change your life I've started writing a series of posts about my life before knitting, while I was learning and where I am now. I kid you not when I tell you that all of the good things in my life started with knitting.


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