There's a back log of awesome Stitches West fabulosity! I think I'm finally getting to the point where I've read so much that I feel like I've actually attended.

At Stitches, A Verb For Keeping Warm discovered Wild Fibers Magazine, and thus also Keep the Fleece!

My Middle Name is Patience blogged about it last week under the heading "Whatever Happens in Stitches West, Stays in Stitches West." Amen, Sister!

Message in a Bottle has excellent taste in color. Those skeins of Hazel Knits look tasty!

Nicky Epstein herself has some comments about her appearance at Stitches!

Indie Dyer sells like crazy at Stitches, and gets married!!!! Send her some love b/c her new hubby's going to Iraq.

Stitches inspired Good Clean Fun to take another look at her spinning habit.

Craft Monkey took the Stitches Train and came back with some tasty looking yarns. Nice photo!

Coloursknits has the most beeeautiful blog and takes lovely photos, especially of the sweet buttons she found.

Girl on the Rocks was a Stitches Booth Superstar! She's also got lovely fiber and other goodies at her Etsy shop!

And this photo from Lizzy at Designated Knitters pretty much sums up the Stitches 2009 experience.

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