futuregirlknitslideFor a lot of people, today is Columbus Day and if you're lucky enough to have this day off, maybe you've got some extra knitting time on your hands! Here are some of the best knitting content I've found in the last couple of days.

Futuregirl is trying out knit slide color knitting,  a nifty knitting technique that I had never seen before. It's sort of like icord in that you knit on a double pointed knitting needle and slide your knitting from one end of the needle to the other instead of turning your work.

RubiSays has a post on why it's not a great idea to cast on for a new project when you're tired (and when you haven't done a gauge swatch)

Major Knitter got the best birthday card for knitters, ever.

Neoknits has lunch with Debbie Stoller and gets a preview on her new book.

Under the Humble Moon has a nice pair of finished fingerless gloves, very cute.

Seattle Times has a story about monster crafts via the AP wire.

Random Knits has another fantastic finished object, which I was going to put as a finished-object-made-of-awesome, but then I realized that I had featured her before. Her work turns out great, maybe she makes a gauge swatch? Today she finished up a toy project designed by Ysolde.

Stay tuned for more knitting goodness this week!

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