Every now and then I find a collection of great knitting links all at once so I share them as part of Knit Luck links.


I'm sure you've heard the news that the Fox Corporation is doing a bang up job pissing off knitters this week by forcing them to stop producing anything related to the Jayne Hat. I agree with What the Craft that this is a copyright issue and that we all get pissy when other people take our copyright so we have to suck it up when the shoe's on the other foot. I'm just worried about when the BBC is coming to take all the Dr. Who stuff off Ravelry...

Thanks to Knitty I found out that Kaffe Fasset is having a giant retrospective in London. If you're not able to make the hop over the pond, check out Dreaming in Color, which is your Kaffe Fasset retrospective in book form. Here's to hoping that it will make an appearance in North America

Gifts for Knitting is gearing up for Mother's Day with some great gift recommendations for Mother's Day. It's my favorite way of telling my husband what I want to my birthday/Christmas/Mother's Day/special treat.

Learn more about the term Yardage Chicken from Sezza Knits, a game I seem to be playing a lot lately with both the Shakespeare Cardigan and the Dahlia Cardigan.

I am giving thanks to Project Stash for sharing the Merging Ripple Shawl. That's some badass Knitting if I've ever seen any thought I am so tempted to call it the Merging Nipple Shawl...

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