pintsocks01It's Wednesday! The week is halfway done! Here are some knitting links to get you through the week.

Go Knit in Your Hat has a lovely essay about the road less taken, or choosing a life of yarn over a life of law. I found it inspiring as my current job comes to an end.

I just realized that you can see how various knitting publication are rated at Jimmy Bean's Wool. Disagree with that the reviewers have to say? Go rate the magazine yourself -it will help knitters with their purchasing decisions.

I also found LilyGo who designs crocheted lace shawls. I imaged that they're much, much faster to make than the knitted ones.

While the federal government says that the recession is over, the rest of us in the real world know we're still suffering from the effects of it. Phyllis Aberici takes a moment to see how the economic downturn has affected knitters and their buying habits. It's interesting to read the comments on this one.

Also Samurai Knits has a "Call to Wallets" to support instructors from the UK Knit Camp, many of whom have not yet been paid for their services. She has links to the whole story behind the problems at UK Knit Camp.

Last, but by no means least, Spilly Jane Knits, designer of the gnome socks (who is still having a pattern sale) is designing a pint glass sock, beautiful socks with little pint glasses on them -for those home-brewers out there!

Happy Knitting!

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