Knitcounter is a new knitting android app available in the android marketplace. It's a row counter designed by a knitter for knitters and unlike previous android row counters, it has much more functionality and allows you to save different counts and repeats for your knitting projects.

As mentioned in my previous review of knitting android apps, Android Apps for Knitters and Yarn Addicts, there was a counter called Tallybee which functioned nicely enough as a counter, but it wasn't designed with knitters in mind. This means that there wasn't a whole lot of functionality associated with Tallybee and therefore it wasn't very useful to knitters.

Knit Counter, however allows you to create a knitting project, add a note about the project and keep track of rows and repeats. You can save this project and return to it anytime.

I'm pretty happy with this app, but it doesn't really come with instructions and if I wasn't too familiar with android apps, I might have trouble figuring it out. It might help to have some instructions when you hit the menu key, but at this point, there's nothing. Other than that I'm pretty happy with the 99 cents I paid for it.

Here are some images from appbrain:


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