You feel that? It's November. That means that yucky October 2013 is behind us. Good riddance. New month, new attitude and lots of hopes for 2014.


We had an excellent Halloween. Our friends were gracious enough to allow me to attend their Halloween party even with a cold. My boys (husband too) all enjoyed trick or treating. I had no idea that my youngest would be so into Halloween. He's only two and three months and he was the first to go to the next house. I've never seen him run so fast. Funny how the promise of candy can be such a motivator for him... I wonder how I can use that to my mommy advantage in the future ;)


Husbeast is still out of work, but he has a few irons in the fire. We're preparing for some big changes if this remains to be the case by Thanksgiving, but I'm trying not to think about that.

I'm happily knitting the Textured Shawl. The deep mottled blue is soothing to the eyes and the merino/silk lace pairs well with my pointy Karbonz. (note to self, got to write that interchangeable knitting needle review of them)


Hope your knitting is going well. This one's my favorite project for now for sure. It puts me at ease and we can use a lot of that around here. :)

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