As mentioned on twitter, I've been pouring over the Stitches West 2011 class schedule and figuring out which classes I want to take and which ones I'll put down as alternatives.

So far, here are the classes I want that I hope I'll be able to get into once online registration begins on October 7th. My goals at Stitches are two-fold, 1) I want to learn some new techniques, and 2) I want to meet new people.

So if you have a nifty thing going on at Stitches or you're part of a knitting group that goes to stitches, tell me all about it. Also, what Stitches West 2011 classes are you excited about?

Thursday Afternoon

  1. Knit to Fit w/ Kathy Zimmerman
  2. Sweater Finishing with Leslye Solomon
  3. Mastering Yarn Substitution w/ Kellie Nuss

Friday Morning

  1. Spinning for Knitting with Merike Saarniit
  2. Creative Knitting - Crazy Quilt Style - Myra Wood
  3. Will this Pattern Fit with Susan Lazear

Friday Afternoon

  1. Preventing and Fixing Mistakes with Sarah Peasley
  2. Joy of Finishing with Christine Bylsma
  3. Convert to Continental w/ Lorilee Beltman

Saturday Morning

  1. Swith to Continental Style Knitting with Leslye Solomon
  2. Eight Empowering Edges with Christine Bylsma
  3. Fit and Style with Barrt Klein
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