8578_march12-mysterybox-1332803007951I'm super stoked. I managed to get one of Craftsy's woo hoo Mystery Boxes! My obsession with mystery purchases goes back to the Woot bag of crap, which I still have never managed to obtain. If you're not familiar with the Woot bag of crap, woot basically puts random things in a bag, you buy it for $5 and get a surprise in the mail. Sometimes that surprise is a flatscreen tv, or a set of golf clubs. Fun yes, but notoriously difficult to get. They sell out in seconds. The demand is so high that people have written software to watch woot and warn you of an impending bag of crap. So I was pretty happy when Craftsy came out with its own "bag of crap" but instead of random junk you end up with random yarn. What knitter wouldn't like that?

It's not $5, it's actually $25, but you get $50 of yarn and needles. Looks like it sold out! I can't wait to get mine in the mail to show off what's in the box. :D

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