Giftsforknitters2012This is the latest installment in our series of recommendations of the Best Gifts for Knitters. We've been recommending books, chairs, and even sheets with cute little sheep on them. We can recommend knitting gifts six ways to Sunday, but how do you know which knitting gift is the right one for the knitter in your life? Here are a couple of ways to figure out what kind of knitter you have in your life and the gifts that will make their holiday bright.

How to Pick a Thoughtful Gift for a Knitter

Think about what they like to knit
Do they make a lot of sweaters or do they prefer smaller projects like socks and hats? If they like sweaters that's important to know because it takes a lot more yarn to make a sweater than it does a pair of socks. Also, knowing if they like a particular genre of knitting can making shopping for a gift much easier -just get a knitting book that specializes in their favorite garment.

Think about their favorite colors - even check out their stash
There's nothing worse than getting yarn in a color that a knitter hates. Your knitter will be stuck with that color for the duration of a knitting project and that project will never get finished if they hate the color.

Remember whether they have any allergies
If you think wool is itchy and scratchy then you can imagine how much worse it is for someone if they are allergic to wool. Knitters with these kinds of allergies prefer to knit with cotton, silk, bamboo or acrylic blends.

Ask knitting friends and relatives
Some knitters operate in packs. They're bound to have a buddy that shares their knitting obsession. They can tell you which yarn they have been lusting after for years, or which colorway has them drooling.

Rifle through their knitting magazines
If you're lucky your knitter has used some sort of system to mark which patterns they like. You can even see what yarn those patterns require and the needles and give them the project as a kit. That's one way to go above and beyond for your knitter. Be sure that the magazine is from the last year or two to ensure that the style is still current. Some knitters even mark ads of products that interest them.

A Few Different Kinds of Knitters:

Your loved one is a sock knitter if:

  • They have a lot of sock knitting books
  • They keep a large stash of sock needles
  • They have a lot of sock yarn
  • They knit socks for everyone they know
  • They always have a pair of socks to knit at all times
  • They talk about something called Cookie A and you're pretty sure it's not a baked good.

Recommended gift for a sock knitter: Membership in a sock yarn club.

The knitter in your life is obsessed with lace shawls if:

  • There's a lot of impossibly thin knitting needles in the stash
  • You see these strange charts all over the house
  • He or she partakes in something called a "mystery shawl"
  • There's a lot of talk about life lines

Recommended gift for a shawl knitter: laceweight cashmere yarn

Your friend is a hat knitter if:

  • They like to knit hats for charity
  • They buy 1-2 balls of yarn for a single project
  • They bring a hat to knit at the movie theater
  • They put a hand to your head to figure out what size hat to knit you

Recommended gift for a hat knitter: a big mixed bag of yarns with a few balls of each.

You've got a bag knitter on your hands if:

  • They take their perfectly good knitting and shrink it in the wash
  • He or she doesn't wrap gifts as much as put them in knitted bags
  • Their reusable grocery bags are all hand knitted.

Recommended gift for a bag knitter: 5 skeins of Cascade 220 in various colors

How to pick a cool gift for a knitter:

  1. Figure out what kind of knitting they enjoy
  2. Find out what colors they prefer
  3. Ask friends and family for ideas
  4. Rifle through knitting magazines for gift recommendations
  5. Decide what you want to buy
  6. Visit the local yarn shop
  7. Do a search online
  8. Purchase the gift and wrap it
  9. PROFIT!
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