Last week we reviewed, ThredUp, an online clothing reseller as a way to save money on clothes so that you have extra money for your knitting hobby. This week we're going to go the extra mile in our review. I've used Thredup enough to know the special ways to make the most of the service. It's one thing to be able to get great brand name used clothes, it's another to get the right clothes that fit well and end up being how they look in the picture. I've made a few ThredUp mistakes, but they're all easily remedied or avoided completely with these tips.

Read the full description of the item

Don't just look at the picture, read the full description. Look for the measurements, especially at the bust. It might be a size large but each manufacturer is going to be a slightly different size large. You can go to the main website, like for example Lucky Brand/Gap/Etc to investigate size measurements before you buy. Then you also want to check the fiber content. Since you can't touch the clothes before you buy it's impossible to know what the exact texture that garment will have. You might end up surprised, but that's ok because Thredup returns are easy, but you'll save yourself some time if you check the fiber content first.

Keep a log of your favorite brands and their sizes that fit you

You can get through the thousands of clothes available through Thredup much more efficiently if you keep track of the brands you enjoy wearing and the sizes that fit you best. You can search ThredUp specifically for those brands and sizes and then...

Create your own personal shops

Once you do a search for the brands and sizes you have the ability to create that specific search as a personal shop. Then you can visit your personal shops every day to see what new clothes have arrived at ThredUp in your favorite styles AND sizes.

Look closely at the large pictures

While you can't touch the clothes through the screen, you can mouse over the item's image to get a closer look at the garment. This helps clarify how a specific pattern looks, and how well loved that piece actually is.

Check to ensure that the item is the color you think it is

Another reminder to read the full description because screen colors vary and that black might actually be a brown or a dark gray. You don't know for sure unless you check the description. Be especially careful with darker colored clothing because the pictures still make it difficult to see textures and fabric treatments. You might not realize that a dress is full of ruching unless you take a close look at it.

Take advantage of free returns

One of the biggest complaints I hear about Thredup is that you can't see the clothes in person, but with free returns it doesn't matter. You get you clothes, try them on, if something doesn't work you just get a return label, put the clothing back in the box and flag down your mailperson OR, drop it off at a fedex location. It takes about 7 to 10 days to get a credit on your account and then you can try something that you like better.

Send your clothes to Thredup and earn store credit. 

When you discover the love of Thredup something awesome happens. You discover that you CAN get high quality clothes that look great on you without spending a small fortune. Suddenly some of the clothes you've been living with that haven't really made you that happy seem like they should go.. and they should -to Thredup. You can request a clothing bag from Thredup and you'll get it within a week. Deposit your clean clothes in excellent condition and a few weeks later you'll end up with a store credit and be able to once again add more awesome looks to your closet.

Follow these steps and you'll not only have more money for yarn, but also have a wardrobe of stylish clothes to wear with your favorite handknits.

What is it? Thredup, an online used clothing retailer. 

How does it benefit knitters? Knitters can get brand name clothes at low prices, leaving more room in the budget for yarn, needles and knitting magazines.

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