The Fiber Farm has devised Yarnstorming,  a way to send some cheer to those knitters who are struggling.

Times are tough for a lot of people right now and for some knitters this means that they cannot afford new yarn and needles and are quite restricted in what patterns they can knit. And stressful times are when knitters need knitting the most.

To date 175 people and organizations have been yarnstormed, but there are plenty more people who would be uplifted by a surprise shipment of yarn.

How it works:

Knitters donate unwanted yarn. Volunteers collect this yarn and pack it into boxes to be shipped to knitters who are nominated to receive a box of yarny cheer.

This post has links to everything related to Yarnstorming including how to donate and nominate someone to receive a Yarnstorm Box.

From the site:

175 people and organizations have been Yarn Stormed. 175 people, People! 175 boxes packed full of beautiful, crush-worthy yarn has gone from languishing, unwanted and unloved, in a stash to someone else's needles. And brightened the hell out of someone's day along the way.

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