I know it's a little late for glad tidings on the New Year, but it's taken me a long while to truly grock 2011 and what I want from 2012. I've finally taken some time to finish a pair of socks I started ages ago and gotten some time to think. Something about knitting helps organizes my thoughts and clarifies my perspective. Unfortunately knitting is hard to come by these days, especially since whenever I knit something my son finds my project and rips it out. He can't help it. He's two and he sees my knitting needles as drumsticks hindered by pretty bits of yarn. It's always heartbreaking whenever he does it and it's a challenge to remain calm because sometimes it seems like knitting projects are my only personal achievement unrelated to children and family.

As a stay at home mom, the idea of caring for children seems mundane to the outside world and at first it seemed like 2011 was pretty boring and not very interesting to share. I was so entrenched in dealing with a toddler and nursing a newborn to raise my mind above it and see what a big year it was.

I spent most of it pregnant with baby #2. Somehow during the complete laziness of pregnancy I was able to complete a vest for my dad, something I've always wanted to do. It fit perfectly and he even wears it out in public, which is a wonderful surprise. I guess I'll have to knit more of them.

I completed the 40-Hour Domestic Violence Volunteer training, which was mind blowing in how it changed my perception of the world and my myself. I'm hoping to volunteer with a local shelter soon. That's a goal for 2012.

Giving birth to Liam was hilarious, joyful and beautiful. He's the sweetest addition to our family... and now I'm so happy to be finished having babies!

I know this doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment, but this year I went to see a band that I had wanted to see since I was a teenager. A band that I had listened to so much that I somehow bound their songs to my very soul, in the way that Voldemort had bound himself to his horcruxes. Seeing Portishead awakened feelings real and imagined from my youth and allowed me to let go of a lot of baggage and appreciate the happiness that I have achieved as an adult. I have never felt more like myself than at the Portishead show. Something about it made me feel like I had grown up.

It's funny how I imagine success in my life to be some concrete achievement, like doing a good job at work, getting raises, making more money, achieving public recognition of some sort, but that's not really where I am right now, but I am still successful, just recognizing what we already have and being grateful.

Which brings me to 2012: I'm finally going to Burning Man so this blog is still going to contain some knitting, but my goal is for it to be more personal and about what I'm actually doing instead of what other people are doing. This year is all about Burning Man, and how I'm bringing my knitting to the big festival in the desert. Already I've found my camp dying silk scarves with a group of people at Barbie Death Camp, who also want to learn how to knit, so I'll be teaching knitting on the playa. Hopefully it will make other people as happy as it has made me.

Happy New Year!!!!

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