Today, KnitLuck starts offering space to Guest Bloggers!!!! Our very first is Rebecca Danger, of the DangerCrafts Etsy Shop. I've featured her patterns here often, because they rock. I purchased the patterns and I have some hand dyed Blue Sky Organic Cotton just waiting to be knitted into an Olivia.... but I digress. Without furthur adieu, here's Rebecca Danger:

6a00e553963a50883300e553d237708834-150wiHello Knitters! I was so excited when Angela from Knitluck here asked me to do a guest post, it made me feel like I had become a knitting somebody. Being a knitting somebody, now that's a really good feeling.

I have compiled a few awesome knitting links for you all to enjoy!

Since my three favorite things (aside from Mr. Danger) are knitting, coffee, and pugs I absolutely adore the Beantown Handmade etsy shop. Umm, smashed-face dogs in hats? Mais Oui!

I love feeling inspired and the book Thrown Together from Kim Hargreaves just tickles me pink. I seriously love every pattern in this book, to the point of putting like 90% of them on my must knit list. I don't just knit monsters you know, I at least think about knitting other things.

Oh, and I think about spinning too. I used to do drop spindle spinning in High School but stopped due to lack of time. I love this thing though, the kick spindle,  makes me think about taking up spinning again. That is of course after I knit every item out of the Thrown Together book. All of them. In one week.

And since I do a lot of knitting (and I mean a lot of knitting), my hands are always dried out. My knitting clutch isn't complete without the Pomegranate Juice Body Cream from Dress Green. Seriously, this stuff is a miracle. I have never had a lotion like this, and happy hands are productive knitting hands.

And of course where would knitters be without yarns?!! We have some great local gals at Spincycle Yarns that make the most glorious handspun yarn. I have been keeping their yarns in mind when designing monsters because I personally believe handspun yarns make really exceptional monsters. I also really love Hazel Knits yarns and Wendy is great: her colors are gorgeous and her yarns look delicious. I think her yarns would also make amazing monsters, but I have only seen her sock yarns in the past. Now that I am writing this I see she has DK yarn. Excuse me, I need to go order some yarn!

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