Nice weather has a way of making a knitter feel guilty.


It's been spring for a few weeks now and among knitters, well at least with this knitter spring brings a new kind of longing: the onset of autumn. Yes, you would think that with winter just ending that one would not dare wish to see cold weather ahead again anytime soon, but not so with knitters, and not so with knitters who live with mild winters.

Winter in Northern California is a quaint affair. Californians love to pretend it's cold and enjoy bundling up in hats, scarves and even mittens in 50 degree weather. When you first move to California, it's hilarious, but over time as your body acclimates to the mild weather you too begin to feel a chill at the slightest hint of cold and suddenly you want to wear a shawl in 55 degree weather. Then you realize that longtime Californians aren't pretending. They're actually cold.

However Californians, at least coastal and midland ones are absolutely clueless about the tyranny of a true winter. You see, the chilly evenings and mornings give way to a manageable mild afternoon, and so it's never chillingly cold for a long time. Nor is there any snow to shovel or drive through. We know nothing about the suffering of a true winter, so of course we only see the benefits of winter and for Californian knitters there are two: 

1) You finally get to wear your handknits.

2) You don't feel guilty knitting at home when it's rainy and chilly. 

The rest of the year I'm waiting for knitting season: when you're supposed to bake pumpkin stuff and dress like one of the models on the cover of a knitting magazine. On beautiful sunny California days, I knit guiltily knowing that I should be outside on a beach or something, having a barbecue, or prancing around a park, when all I want to do is unload my entire yarn stash onto my bed and fall backwards onto it, whispering to the cotton chenille and the wool tweed. It feels worse when I combine the love of knitting with tv bingewatching. It might be all Kimmie Schmidt all the time while I'm knitting, but I can still see the gorgeous sun shinning and the floating hummingbirds teasing me to put the darned needles down. 

But that's why the universe made porches and benches.


There's much less guilt when you knit outside. 

But I still can't wait for autumn.

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