gnomemittensspillyjane2Something about the end of summer gets me to thinking about fall knitting and one thing I want to knit for fall 2014 is a gnome! We've been getting a lot of gnome action around our house especially since both of my boys like watching Gravity Falls and the 7D on Disney XD. Both shows have gnomes, some nice and some not-so-nice and I thought it would be fun to knit a few "magic" gnomes to hide around the house and maybe make a new tradition for the holidays. (photo at left, Gnome Mittens by Spilly Jane)

Oddly enough I'm not the only one interesting in gnomes for knitting as there are a ton of knitting patterns to make your own gnomes. So many in fact that they could be sub-categories of gnome knitting. You can knit gnome hats, felted, gnome shoes. Heck. You can even knit a sweater for your garden gnome. Yeah I know, right? 

Knitted Gnome Doll Patterns

Gnome dolls make adorable gifts for little babies and small children, especially around the holidays. They usually stand out against the more frequently knitted animals and have a greater chance of becoming the favorite stuffie in a kid's collection.

Gnora the Gnome: Red Heart brings you a free gnome doll knitting pattern and with their yarns you know that doll will last a lifetime. It's a sweet little girl gnome complete with a tiny gnomish dirndl. 

Susan B. Anderson has knitted a gnome from Alan Dart's Collection of Knitted Toys. This one even has a fun-fur beard, which is a great way to get rid of some of that fun fur you might have hiding in your stash.

gnomehatresizedGnome Hat Knitting Patterns

You can knit a million different kinds of hats, but there's something whimsical and fun about knitting a gnome-inspired hat. It's a little silly and a lot of fun to wear and depending on how long your regional winter is would be just the trick to brighten up those cold days.

Little Home Blessings has the scrappyg gnome hats -perfect for some single skein stashbusting.

Little Home Blessings has a second hat that might appeal more to the big kids, but comes in sizes from newborn to adult.

The Ironic Gnome Hat is the hipster of all gnome hats. Make one for your kid going to college.

Full Gnome Hat for Kids over at Waldorf Mom will keep your child warm since it's basically a gnomish balaclava. Click here for the pattern by Natasha Shaffer.

Gnome Shoes Knitting Patterns

Gnome shoes will always be much cooler than Hobbit Feet. And cuter too.

Check out the little gnome shoes by Pamela Wynne. They curve up at the tips and would be the cutest addition to a knitted baby layette.

My All-time favorite knitting book Weekend Knitting has a pair of "elf shoes" that would also make great gnome shoes. These ones have little frizzies at the top.

Gnome Mittens

Spilly Jane Knits has long made some of the most amazing colorwork knitting patterns and her gnome mitten kits offered through Knit Picks are no exception. You can also just buy her pattern direct here.

Gnome Knitting Books

Knitted Beards

When you think of gnomes you also think of beards and you can turn your best friend, partner or spouse into your own silly gnome with a handknitted beard. They can also keep your face warm when you're scraping ice off your windshield. Check them out here. (This gets me to thinking that I need to do a whole round up on knitted beard patterns -stay tuned!)

Waldorf Gnomes

There's something about the Waldorf educational method that celebrates the knitting of gnomes so it's unsurprising that there's a whole raft of Waldorf inspired gnome kits. Weir Crafts has a ton of these gnome knitting kits in their awesome online craft shop.

Also see the Gnome Hat above for more Waldorf knitting.

Bizarre Gnome Knitting

You can even knit a sweater for a garden gnome. Over at BitstoBuy they have a free knitting pattern so that you can put a sweater on your garden gnome. You know, in case he or she gets cold. Not a bad idea to add a little color in those sad long winter months. featured these little tiny "Norwegian" cork gnomes (so cute!)

That should be enough gnome knitting to keep any fans of gnomes occupied for quite some time. Do you like to knit gnomes? Is your favorite gnome knitting project missing? Let me know in the comments!

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