What is Geek Knitting?

Of course, you might be a geek for knitting, but what we're talking about here is geeky things to knit; pop culture obsessions played out in knitting. You know, Lord of the Rings references, Star Wars knitting, Skyrim, Downton Abbey. I think you're starting to get my drift.

Knitters Will Knit Just About Anything

If you have a difficult time understanding the connection between knitters and pop culture phenomena, think of it this way: Knitters love to express their affection in yarn. Most of the time it means that a knitter will knit something special for the people they love. However, for some people knitting is the perfect way to express their love for their favorite pop culture obsessions. As much as one would like to knit a sweater for Harrison Ford, it's much easier (and a little less stalkerish) to knit a little Hans Solo doll for yourself. If there's something hot going on in pop culture you can bet that somebody has knit a version of it.

Geek Knitting for Gifts

Geek Knits also makes fantastic gift knitting. If your loved one is a big Dr. Who fan, you can knit them a Dr. Who scarf, or if it's Lord of the Rings, you can knit an Evenstar Shawl. It's no wonder that those who are obsessed with knitting see the world through the lens of yarn and crank out patterns that relate to their other obsessions.  Geek Knitting allows one to contextualize their knitting habit in a relatable way for non-knitters: I love you so much that I will take your favorite thing (insert video game, movie or comic book here) and knit it.

Get the Book of Geek Knitting

Knits for Nerds features a ton of geek-inspired knits from all of your favorite movies and tv shows. We did a little review right here.

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