That knitting break was short lived. 

A few months ago Omama brought back some sock yarn from Austria. Another beautiful skein from lana grossa. To my dismay the outer strands of the yarn had been cut by something so I kept having to break the yarn and start over again, but the results are oddly beautiful. I love how the blue color change happened between the 1x1 rib on the cuff and the stockinette leg. I'm hoping that I remember how I did this when I start the second sock.

About that knitting break. I thought it would be much longer, but a funny thing happened this weekend. The family and I went to a gaming convention. Yes I am a crafting and a gaming nerd, though it has been many moons since I last rolled any dice in an RPG. That changed Sunday night when I got the chance to game with some of my favorite people, the very same people who taught me how to play RPG's in the first place. Once I started getting into my character this strange urge came over me to start knitting. It shouldn't be so surprising. Back in the days when I had a regular game night I would frequently knit.

So, note to self: when in a knitting rut start playing Dungeons and Dragons (or Pathfinder). 

That said, I'm still working on that epic cross stitch. Pictures of that eventually.

What are you up to?


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