As promised, here is a dispatch from the knitting basket.

I've finished my first pair of toe-up socks. They were destined to be a Christmas present, but when I saw how well they fit on my own feet, I uh, changed my mind. And, I'm fully converted to knitting toe up socks with a short row heel. They fit way better than the heel flap in my opinion.



Of course, not a day went by without me considering what socks to knit next. I've long planned to combine some sock remnants with a solid yarn. I've had this Nature's Palette in my stash for ages and this leftover Pagemill sock that I've been longing to see together... here are the results:


I'm almost done with the second ball of my Clapotis, just 1.5 balls to go. This is the project that is taking up most of my time. I really want to finish it in the next week or two so I'll have time to make a bunch of little things :)


I've also (guilt twinge) added to the yarn stash. I blame the BMFA mill sale. I didn't make it there, instead buying some stuff off of ravelry. I think I still saved money this way, but still added to the never ending yarn stash. When will I get the time to knit all of this yarn?

Lightweight Socks That Rock in Never On A Sunday

Lorna's Shepherd Sock in Robin's Egg Blue

So how's your knitting going? What have you added to your stash?

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