yeart_sale_eart_team_300x300_graphicI'm high after an evening of extended knitting. Very pleased to be repeating the experience tonight at Purlescence Yarns, where they're having a PJ knitting party this evening. Count me in!

Kellybot has some tips on how to get more followers on your facebook page. If you're an Etsy seller, and you're on facebook and you don't have a page for your etsy shop, get one -it's a fantastic way to keep your friends and family informed about what's going on in your shop.

Pink House took a quilting class with Kim Diehl. Before I knitted, there was quilting and I'm just not precise enough to be an excellent quilter, no matter how much I enjoy the fabric. Maybe in the days when I'm a full time knitter and not a full time worker will I return to the sewing machine.

Knithacker has some links to some charity knitting for UNICEF in New Zealand.

HeatherKnitz and her Etsy Crew are having a Yeart Sale.

So excuse me while I go see what's going on at their sale!!!!! Somebody hide my wallet ;)

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