Fall is usually thought of as a time when things start to break down, when the world prepares for the oncoming winter, but around here it feels more like spring. Husband is happy in his new job, happier than I've seen him in years. He's so happy he looks five years younger.  

The boys have started preschool and are doing ok. If there was one benefit to underemployment it's that we all got to see so much of my husband and spend quality time with him. I don't know many kids who get to spend so much time with their dads. When change happens in the house sometimes it changes how kids behave in school and we have to remind Nate of the rules and that it's kind follow them.

It was a heavy burden to cope with the hard times gracefully, but now that they're over I'm ready to move forward.

Onward March!

How is Fall 2014 treating you? Let me know in the comments!

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