So we're on day five of our own personal financial shutdown aka unemployment. Nothing like a few finished objects to take your mind off of the rollercoaster ride. Contrary to what I've been expressing so far, it's not all doom and gloom around here. We've got a big heavy dose of denial hanging around and that goes a long way to enabling self delusion via knitting (noooo we won't have to move in with my MIL before Thanksgiving, nooo we won't have to quit preschool... I'm just here knitting happy as a clam...).

At least now I'm able to knit coherently, hence the finished objects. I'm sorry, I mean hence the finished objects! :D :D :D :D

Hey look! It's a pair of finished Christmas socks! I only have one more pair left to knit!


That undersized hat we keep talking about? Check it out here:


Not bad looking.. and the hat's pretty sweet too! (oh how we joke when we are bummed out) ;)

Thanks for reading. Distract me by telling me how you distract yourself from the blues in the comments. And stay tuned. I have a new blue thing on the needles to share later this week.

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