I'll take good news wherever I can get it. 

I finished that pair of socks. It's Lana Grossa Meilenweit. One of my old favorites. My MIL brought this skein back from Austria for me, picking the perfect colorway. My Lana Grossa socks seemingly last forever, much more than my hand-dyed counterparts, note to self ;)


I was at city council again this week hoping to see an innovative housing development pass. My city hasn't passed a high density housing development in decades. Heck, our region hasn't passed much in the way of housing in the last couple of decades, hence our current housing crisis. Locally, renters are suffering. It's very tough to see families pushed out of our town, so it's great to see 800 new rental units, 25% of them put aside for low income seniors and families. I didn't think it would pass, but it did unanimously after lots of anxiety. I probably won't benefit from these new units, but will hopefully get to enjoy the new retail stores and waterfront restaurants. 

That said, even with these small achievements depression persists. As much as I try to see the positive of our situations and how lucky we are there's a lot of frustration feeling that I don't have control over where and how we live. We cannot afford to live closer to my husband's office and has to deal with a commute. I wish his job was in another region where housing is more affordable. I wish I could up and move somewhere new and different because the San Francisco I love doesn't really exist anymore. I wish I could say farewell and try living in another region, but the whole of the West Coast is all dealing with the same thing. Seattle is just as crowded as San Francisco. Portland is suffering from its own housing crisis as displaced Californians head north.

One thing is for sure, things won't always be this way and it might be good for me to learn to be uncomfortable for a while. I surrender to the discomfort. I surrender to not having control over how and where I live. I still have hope and that is enough for now.


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