The Shakespeare Cardigan is complete. Complete complete. The parts are sewn together, the ends woven in and the buttons sewn on. I am basking in a sense of achievement. It is the best and most comfortable sweater I have ever made. The collar fits up around my neck that makes me feel like I am wearing a warm hug.

This is especially satisfying since I had to start over completely from scratch after knitting 80% of the Diminishing Rib sweater. The yarn was all wrong for that pattern and I knit a size much too big. Ripping it out required a break from knitting, but I overcame it and now I finally have a sweater worth wearing.

 IMG 2033

 IMG 2023

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I am surprised that more people have not discovered this knitting pattern.

  1. The 1x1 rib goes surprisingly fast.
  2. The honeycomb pattern sucks in at the waist, which is very flattering
  3. It's a free pattern
  4. It's knit in only 3 pieces, the front and back are knit at the same time followed by the sleeves.
  5. The button band was very easy to configure.
  6. It's a great way to use up any Aran weight tweed in your stash.

Finally, the only photo I've been able to take with me wearing it. It is a bit on the snug side, but it doesn't matter. It shows off a little bit of my extra curves. With any luck that will be motivation to get some extra exercise.

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The only thing I wish is that I knit the honeycomb pattern in a larger needle -up one size. I'm a super tight knitter and I think that this sweater pulls in a little more than it needs to, but it doesn't bother me enough to fix it. I also wish the pattern was more specific about right side and wrong side as it relates to knitting the collar and band, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable knitting pattern. It's a great sweater if you're looking to start cables and do your first button band. I really hope other people catch on to it because it is one of the best cardigans I've ever knit.

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